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Quick Tip: Use Live Text to help with SEO

Text that’s NOT part of an image is HTML text, also referred to as Live Text. Having live text is an important aspect of search engine optimization because search engines can’t read text that’s part of an image. Be sure when you’re working on your website content that your pages use live text.

Quick Tip: Create a custom username on Facebook

Make it easy for your potential customers to find your small business on Facebook. It’s simple to create a custom username on Facebook for your business page. All you have to do is login to your Facebook account and then go to

Facebook custom username

Choose your page from the drop down menu and you’ll have the opportunity to type a custom username. Make sure to follow Facebook guidelines when choosing a custom username for your business page.

IMPORTANT: You can only change your page’s username ONCE, so make sure to double-check all spelling.

Facebook custom username designleap

That’s it! Now you have a simple Facebook username to share with everyone.

Quick Tip: Create a Newsletter to Stay in Contact with Your Users

Creating a newsletter gives you an opportunity to keep your business name fresh in your users/customers mind. Be sure to let your users know how often you will be sending them your newsletter so you won’t get complaints about SPAM. Keep the newsletter relevant to your company and provide useful information for your readers.

Quick Tip: Include a Signature in Your Email

A signature is basically your contact information at the closing of your email message. A signature is a good way to show people how and where you can be reached. Be sure to include your name, phone, website and social media connections if available.

Quick Tip: Avoid Having Music Autoplay on Website

Unless you’re an entertainment company where having music on a website would seem an obvious, don’t turn away your visitors with your tunes. At the very least don’t have music playing right away when a visitor enters your website. Create a stop/start button where you give the user the option of listening to your music or not. Most people will get turned off when they hear music on a website, specially if they access your website from work.