yiana palacios

Hi, I'm Yiana Palacios, Owner/Creative Director of Design Leap. Design Leap empowers small business owners to create a strong brand. I personally handle all the projects and work with each business owner discussing your audience needs and bring that solution to your business. Our goal is to help each one of you see and experience the bigger potential for your business through fresh design of your print and online marketing materials. We believe that if you want your business to be recognized in everything that you do online and offline, you must keep your branding consistent and Design Leap will help you do that.

Design Leap partners with other professionals to ensure that all projects are done to your satisfaction and in a timely manner. Our partners include programmers, copywriters, illustrators, and other creative and technical individuals.

So what does Design Leap mean?

The company name came to me when I decided to help small business owners to "come out of their shell" so to speak; to represent their business image as professional as they really are. Just because you're starting out or have only a few employees, doesn't mean that you can't portray a professional business image like the bigger companies do.

Why small business owners?

I chose to work with small business owners because that's who I am and I can relate to your needs and wants. As a business owner you know that there's always too much to do, very little time and new things to learn. When we work together, you'll see that we're always open for questions and we always give suggestions on what works or what doesn't work, so making decisions becomes easier for you.

Whether you're local to Burbank, CA, another part of Los Angeles County or have your business across the nation, we can work together.

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